First post


So I have finally had enough of people and need to rant! Donald Trump has just been elected president and I supported a lesser evil and I am not as upset as most. Now some people may ask me how could I not be upset and I would ask them how come you are so upset. I would ask them if they thought the country was in such a good place before the election. My answer would have been “no” and I think if they actually thought about it they would agree.

Now, the real reason I had to get something written is a mom at my kid’s school that is part of a group of parents posted to Facebook how upset she is about Trump being our President. Talking about injustices to women and blah, blah, blah…while her husband has been so mentally abusive and fucked up to her that I want to grab the guy by the collar and choke him a little and see how he likes it. Being mentally abusive is, in some cases worse than physical abuse because physical abuse is much easier to identify as wrong. Mental abuse is insidious and the lines can be blurred except in more extreme cases. So this mom put up with this shit and let her kids see how a man should treat a woman. Amazing how this mom could be so short sighted to the example she was setting for her girls and yet be so upset about Donald Trump and his examples. I think Trump’s influence on her children’s lives is gonna be much less than her own. That’s all I want to type right now on an iPhone.